6/12/2011 – Again with the delays!  My daughter was going to be my model, but did not like the poufed sleeves.  (Teenagers….)  So the lovely Amanda of the WP has offered to model this for me.  In return she gets to keep the finished product.  It is a win-win for everyone!

All the major supplies have arrived, so now I am just working on transferring the embroidery pattern for the sleeves and apron, and assembling the corset.  Hope to have more pictures and finished stuff by the end of this week.

5/19/11 – It has been such a busy month and I have had very little time to work on this costume.  However, I do have all the supplies!  I have also decided that I think this is going to be made for my 14 year old, as she needs a new costume, and she resembles the girl in the portrait.  It is also easier to drape and fit someone other than yourself!  Particularly someone I can grab at any time to try something on.

I have this fabric which I am using for the partlett on top.  I have the same fabric in gold, but was happy to find it at SR Harris in this more gold-orange color, that matches the portrait really well!  The orange color to the left of the photo resembles it a lot more.

I also have gone through several versions of the gold fabric.  After a long conversation on Facebook, it was determined that this would most likely be a heavy silk satin of some sort, or a good substitute would be a polished cotton.  I found a heavy polished cotton at Joann for $8.99/yd,  but the drape wasn’t good, so back it went.  My friend Debbie found me some poly satin in the garment district in LA for $2.00/yd (!) but the color didn’t go with the portrait and with the other silk.  So that was discounted as well.  After yet another trip to SR Harris, I found a medium weight polished cotton in a color very similar to the portrait – what I am calling an “antique gold” with a hint of olive in it.  It was $4.50/yd, and it looks like it will both drape well and meet the color requirement.

I have purchased some white linen for the apron, and am in the process of drawing out the pattern.  By looking at an extreme closeup of the painting, I found that each row of design is slightly different.  I think this is more likely due to the fabric lying in folds rather than any particular difference in the designs – the design differs in odd little ways even within the same row, so I am taking the design from the second row down, which seems to be the clearest in terms of pattern.  I will be hand embroidering this (as the piece of fabric does not look terribly wide) since I am now done binding my 18th century stays, and this would be an excellent portable project.

I have linen fabric cut out for the camicia, and need to figure out the design on the cuffs.  I may have them machine embroidered, although it doesn’t seem to be TOO complicated of a design.

I have linen that has been washed and ironed and ready to be finished as a roped petticoat to go underneath.  I am using a pattern that Margo Anderson designed, and this will do double duty for Antea and Eleonora.

I have to make a new corset for my daughter as she doesn’t have one, and I think I am going to do a variation on the Elizabethan Corset Generator for her as she does need some support for this gown.

I am still searching for the right ribbon to be used on the overgown.  Since I will need an estimated 30+ yards, I need to find something not outrageously expensive.  I have found an option on eBay that might work.  It is 5/8th of an inch wide (the ribbon in the portrait looks around that size, I think), and is a moss green in a satin.

I was a little confused on the construction of this gown till I saw the close-up.  Then I realized that the dress actually opens in front.  You can see that the bodice of the dress is slightly unlaced in the front (very scandalous!) and thus this allows the side seams to stay intact and support the full sleeves.

I have also found some leather I think would work great for the gloves, but those are definitely going to be a last minute thing.  Not sure if they will work or not, as I have never made gloves!  The zibellino is also going to be last minute because (as I said before), he kind of creeps me out.

Now that most of my other costume obligations are done (18th century galore, Costume Con, etc.) I am looking forward to focusing on this and Eleonora!

4/21/11 – My entry for the Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge at Realm of Venus – “Antea” by Parmigianino.

9 thoughts on “Antea

  1. kbsalazar says:

    Great minds think alike! That apron design is spectacular. I’ve been working a while on graphing it, for inclusion in my upcoming book of embroidery patterns. You’ll find that most embroidered artifacts of this time exhibit rather more play with the base design than modern stitchers expect. Repeats aren’t always true. Plus painters took liberties, and did the best they could with the complex designs. Best of luck with your project. it’s going to be outstanding! – kbsalazar, (SCA – Ianthé d’Averoigne)

    • Laura says:

      Thanks for that info! I am just using the one repeat over and over again because to try to change each one would take far more time to embroider than I have! Please post when your book is done. I would love to see it.

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