The Eleonora Project

As part of my New Year’s Resolution to challenge myself creatively and historically in costuming, I have taken on what I consider to be one of the Holy Grails in costuming:  the portrait of Eleonora di Toledo as painted by Bronzino.

My end date is tentatively scheduled for Dec. of 2012.  I will be making the fabric since there is none commercially available, as well as making the accessories, the undergarments and anything else you see in the portrait.  I will NOT be making a small boy child as that is going a bit too far for art.  I may, however, borrow one.

I hope you follow along with the insanity.

2 thoughts on “The Eleonora Project

    • Laura says:

      Hello! Welcome to the blog. If you check out the first post (and maybe the second – I can’t remember for sure) I detail what I am going to do to create the fabric – punch needlework. I’m looking forward to finally starting it when I get back from Con!

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