The Carnevale Outfits: The Ice Queen

This was probably the most fun to wear and I barely wore it at all.  Elizabeth and I wanted to go and hang out in St. Mark’s Square with the other costumers, but it was fairly late by the time we arrived, so we ended up (again) at Cafe Florian, where we managed to snag a spot in front of the window.

In St. Mark's Square.

In St. Mark’s Square.

The outfit was inspired by Cavalier gowns as done by Van Dyck.  The outfit consists of my black full crinoline, a white satin embroidered and beaded scallop-edged underskirt, and silver lame overskirt with beaded trim.  All fabrics came from Hancock Fabrics in their sale pile except the lame which was from Joann Fabrics.  The trims were from various places.

I wore it over my Victorian corset from Corset Story.  There was a stomacher made of the beaded satin, and an overbodice made from a modified Truly Victorian pattern.  The overbodice was lined in cotton and faced in silver lame.  Silver rings were sewn onto the front so it could be laced shut over the stomacher.  (Thanks to Emily for sewing the rings!)

The sleeves were from an old Simplicity pattern.  I added the strips of ribbon and trim to them as well as elastic at the elbows and wrists.  There is white lace at the wrists and at the collar.  The collar is actually lace that was scavenged from a pair of pillowcases.  We tied ribbons around my elbows to make the sleeves blouse out more.



I wore my snowflake necklace that Erica modified for me, as well as the clear plastic snowflake earrings.  I found a silver mask in a shop that worked perfectly with it.  Erica was kind enough to take the vintage wedding tiara I had found and added the feathers to it.  I wore my silver lace-front Matilda wig from Arda.  I also used a TON of make-up to give me a frosted look.  For someone who doesn’t do a lot of make-up I was very pleased with the results.

Elizabeth took the silver netted fabric I had left and pinned it to my hat and waist, giving me an almost veiled look.  I thought I looked almost Miss Havisham-ish, if she wore lame!

While we were at Cafe Florian we had the good fortune to meet Katherine Holabird, the writer of the Angelina Ballerina books.  She and her husband were charming, and I told her that my family probably paid for their mortgage for several months with the amount of Angelina swag my youngest had.

The lovely Katherine and her husband Michael.

The lovely Katherine and her husband Michael.

We had a wonderful evening and ended it with some of the amazing macarons that Cafe Florian is famous for.

SO GOOD.  Seriously.  Every flavor you could think of.

SO GOOD. Seriously. Every flavor you could think of.

Probably my second favorite photo was taken for us by a sweet waiter at the Cafe:

Elizabeth in her blue Italian and me in my Ice Queen.

Elizabeth in her blue Italian and me in my Ice Queen.

Not sure where else I will wear the costume as it really is a masquerade type outfit, but it sure was fun to wear!

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