1950’s Tulle Outfit (Thank you, Pinterest)

My youngest daughter is going to a week long camp that has themed dances every night.  One night is Decade Dance, and we decided that a 1950’s outfit was doable.  She had already purchased a lovely brand new beaded bodice from an Operation Glass Slipper sale ($5!) and so we decided to make a tulle skirt to coordinate.

Luckily for me there are about a billion (or maybe just 4, re-pinned a billion times) tutorials on Pinterest on how to make a tulle skirt.  This is a very popular one, and the one I used for instruction for my skirt.  It was fairly simple and I got the skirt assembled in about 2 hours.  It took slightly longer as I did not measure the tulle ahead of time and just ruffled the heck out of it and cut the tulle to length once it was on S.  We also added tulle sleeves (gathered and sewn on the machine and then pinned into place) and a headband with a big tulle bow.  How to make that?  Cut a piece of tulle and tie a bow on the headband.

Complicated stuff here, folks.

Sassy front view.

Sassy front view.

Back view of the cuteness.

Back view of the cuteness.

I suggested she wear a tiara and scepter and sash and go as Miss 1950’s Prom Queen.  Her suggestion was that she needed wings and she could be a fairy.

It is nice to have an outfit with multiple options.

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