Shear Madness: The Costuming Group for YOU

Been crazily busy sewing things for Costume Con and unpacking from my trip to NYC (I could spend months in the Garment District….) and don’t have much to post at the moment.

EXCEPT this:  “Folks – there is a time and place for historical accuracy and then there is a time and place for historical insanity. Come join us at Shear Madness if you enjoy the crazier side of costuming”:

I am a member of several wonderful FB groups dedicated to specific kinds of costuming, with an emphasis on historical accuracy.  I learn so much from them and they are very supportive to their members.  However, they aren’t really meant to be there to embrace the insanity that is Costuming Off the Grid.  If you make an “I Love Lucy” Elizabethan or a Green Bay Packer Nerfpunk costume, you tend to fall out of the realm of historical accuracy and more into the realm of “What the?”

As such, I figured that people need a place to share their Steampunk Clowns, their Hawaiian print Civil War dresses, their Dalek Elizabethans and their Betty Boop Conquistador costumes.  A place where people don’t just GET their insanity, they APPLAUD it.

If you are such a costumer, please join us.  We are friendly and welcoming and love the unusual.

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