Costuming Plans for 2013, Part the Second

In the previous post, I covered the outfits I needed to make through mid-May.  Moving along….

7.  Patriotic Victorian

The Star Spangled Banner Advertisement.  Library of Congress.

The Star Spangled Banner Advertisement. Library of Congress.

I am going to Olde Tyme Days in Mantorville for the 2nd year in a row, and their costuming tends towards Victorian and Steampunk.  Last year I wore my Anne of Green Gables dress.  This year I want to go for something bright and colorful and patriotic looking.  I am thinking possibly Civil War era, with large swags of bunting.  Very over the top.  There may be a crown involved.  I was inspired a little bit by the Victorian fancy dress, and by this:

Flag of the United States corset.

Flag of the United States corset.

At $95 I will likely skip it, but a striped Swiss waist would look really cool.

8.  Secret Can Can:

1880s cancan girls from the Moulin Rouge,  Photograph, private collection.

1880s cancan girls from the Moulin Rouge, Photograph, private collection.

Ok, so how is it a secret if I am sharing it here?  Well, the secret is in what it is going to look like.  However, it will have a proper Can Can skirt, with ruffles and bloomers underneath.  Having never made one before I will be relying heavily on my Truly Victorian pattern and my ruffling foot.  Photos of this one will be posted after the weekend of July 4th.

9.  Twisted Historical Regency:

La Belle Assemblee, June 1820.  Morning Visiting Dress.

La Belle Assemblee, June 1820. Morning Visiting Dress.

I am not planning on making this particular dress, although it is stunning.  Our group is planning on doing Twisted Historical Regency dresses.  There will be a Green Bay Packer Regency, a Crazy Cat Lady Regency, a Roller Derby Umpire Regency, etc.  The problem is that I have not yet committed to something.

It was suggested I do a 1980’s Regency in bright neon colors with Very Tall Bangs and possibly some leg warmers.  I am not sure I am feeling that.  What I think I might do is wander the quilting fabrics at Jo-Ann and the NYC Garment District and see what strikes my fancy.  I could do camo again, but I feel like I need to try something new.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would be open to it.  Perhaps Polka Dots?  Hmm.

10.  Late Victorian Tartan Outfit

1888 British Plaid Wool Dress, Met Museum.

1888 British Plaid Wool Dress, Met Museum.

The convention I am going to in July has “British Invasion” for it’s theme.  I think this likely applies more to the Sci Fi aspect of it all (aka Dr. Who) but I have wanted to make a tartan outfit for awhile, and now seems like the right time.  I have some lovely Irish Tartan that has been sitting on my shelf for about 7 years, and it is time it got made into something.  I don’t think I am going to copy the photo above, but it has the general feeling of what I want to do.

11.  New Pirate Outfit

The Lovely Ellen at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for Wenchlandia.

The Lovely Ellen at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for Wenchlandia.

Pirate frock coats are the bomb.  They truly are.  But what they also are is hot, and when worn with pants and boots they are way too much for me to be able to wear outside on a typical MN summer day.  Enter the hoop skirt/farthingale.  This moves the fabric away from my legs and gives me some relief from the heat.  Add in a shorter jacket made of a natural fiber and a sassy mini tricorn, and you have a happy Pirate Laura.

I found a cartoon drawing of a female pirate several years ago, and when my friend Ellen needed a costume for Wenchlandia out at MNRF, I suggested we try to make what was in the photo.  We modded a blazer, added a faux vest, made a leather tricorn, etc.  The end result was very cute.  I would like to make something similar so that I can be comfortable and fierce all at the same time.  I might have a draping overskirt that is tattered, and might make my outfit a little more distressed and worse for wear.  Who wants to be a clean pirate?

12.  The Blue and Pink Eleonora Outfit

The Blue and Pink Eleonora fabric.

The Blue and Pink Eleonora fabric.

Since I found this fabric in the San Francisco Garment District, I have been thinking about making an Eleonora outfit from it.  I think the time has come to make it so.

I am already working on a camicia, partlett and petticoat.  I have a lovely pearled caul, but I really feel that this one needs pink or blue (or both!) pearls.  And although I said no before, I am probably going to add some beadwork to this.  I am considering just using the heat-setter and covering the thing with heat-set pearls (and maybe a few rhinestones…).

So I am going to look for pink or blue braided piping and am going to cast some buttons using the mold I am making from the Eleonora button Kim had made.  I am rather looking forward to my crazy bright version of this dress!


This pretty much brings me up to September.  I have outfits to make for Grace, for Sarah, for Dexter, for Kou and have to help others with their costumes, so it is going to be a crazy 5 months.  I may or may not attend Teslacon in the fall, and there are always Halloween parties and Masquerades to go to, but I am going to try to use things that are already in my closet for that.

After thinking over what I have planned for 2014 I realized that the last 5 months of 2013 are not likely to be spent Pondering My Navel, but are more likely to be Chained to the Sewing Machine.  This is because 2014 is International Year.  I am going to Toronto for Costume Con in April, but I am also going to Carnevale in Venice in February, and I need a LOT of crazy outfits for THAT.

I am working on a blog post with various costumes I am thinking of making for Venice.  Of particular concern are how easy they are to transport, their weight, and how to make them spectacular without breaking the bank.  There are themed days that may need costumes, and I was thrilled when I discovered there is an International Clown Day during Carnevale, so the Steampunk Clown will need to make an appearance.

And now back to cleaning my office….






2 thoughts on “Costuming Plans for 2013, Part the Second

  1. Kathy White says:

    Idea for Twisted Regency: 60’s Hippie peace freak….tie-dye, beads. flowers or Mary Quant, Courreges, or that designer who did the multi-colour uniforms for the stewardesses on Japan Airline (can’t remember his name but probably will the minute I send this) Was it Yves St. Laurent? Or those shift dresses inspired by that painter who did colour blocks on white with black outlines (menopause is a bitch – I can’t remember his name either) Twiggy. Nancy Sinatra. Tall white boots. Sargeant Pepper.

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