Hoods up!

When the student is ready, the master will appear….

When I made Dexter’s Jedi costume in October for Halloween, my Dad seemed to be rather taken with it and declared that he had never had a Halloween costume as cool as that in all of his life.

Well, that just seemed like a challenge to someone who likes to costume.  The result?  Obi-Wan Dad and Padawan Dexter celebrating A Very Star Wars Christmas.

Hoods up!

Hoods up!

Hoods down!

Hoods down!

The whole family got into the act.  I got some measurements from Dad himself via very sneaky manipulation (Thank You, Interrogator Training!) and from my stepmother.  My brother bought Dad the boots from Fantasma, Grandma bought him the screen accurate belt from eBay, and my sister and I bought the fabric and the pager clip that you use to attach your lightsaber to your belt.  We decided to let him build his own lightsaber.

The fabrics were all chosen to match Obi-Wan Kenobi’s outfit from Episodes 2 and 3 as closely as possible.  I went with a cotton twill stretch blend for the pants, which were made drawstring style.  The undershirt is made of the crinkly cotton fabric from India.  The overshirt, obi and tabards were made from a linen blend that had a flecked natural look to it.  The cloak was made of a heavy weight linen that was able to mimic wool, but saved our pocketbooks.  The cloak has the pleats at the shoulder as Obi-Wan’s did.  The sleeves and hood were hand-drafted and the main body of the cloak was from an old Simplicity pattern.  The undershirt and overshirt wound up getting pleats in their shoulders after the photos were taken because otherwise they were just too long due to the style of the pattern used.  The tabards were sewn to the obi in back, and the obi closes via heavy duty 2 inch velcro.

This is not the Dad you are looking for.

This is not the Dad you are looking for.

No scruffy-looking nerf-herders here!

No scruffy looking nerf-herders here!

We were all very happy with how the outfit turned out, and Dad seemed pleased, although over-whelmed.  Most people don’t get an entire Jedi costume for Christmas it would seem.  Hee!

Next up is my nephew Nicholas (Kou) who turns 6 in July.  The family that uses the Force together, stays together.


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