Steampunk Clown Wig follow-up – WOW

Um, WOW.  Apparently someone shared the wig on the Steampunk FB page and it has been a little nuts around here.

For those who haven’t seen it, here is the updated picture with the crown on:

I am now a pretty pretty princess.... clown.

I am now a pretty pretty princess…. clown.

If you want to make your own, here is the link to the detailed instructions at Ravelry.  The pattern is FREE.  This wig is a combination of knitting (the cap) and crocheting (the curls) and basic hand-sewing.  I really believe that anyone who can knit or crochet can make this.  I am not a big knitter.  I had never crocheted before I made this.  I still don’t know how to crochet anything other than those curls…

You could also buy a pre-made hat and add yarn to it by following my instructions.  You could crochet the base.  You could do that fancy thing with the dowels and the boiling water and make your own curls that way.  The options really are endless.  I personally am working on an 18th century one now, using wool roving to create the updo, and cotton natural yarn for the cap.

One thing:  I do not sell these.  I would love to make them for everyone, but there is only so much my arthritic joints can take.  I wish anyone who is wanting to have one made good luck.  Unfortunately, I can’t be that person for you.

I LOVE the idea of these being made as wigs for chemo patients.  I think it would be a fun and silly alternative for people who could use a little fun and silliness in their lives.

This wig is part of what is going to be a Steampunk Clown costume.  If you click on the Category of “Steampunk Circus Clown” you will see all posts pertaining to this costume.  It is not yet done – still lots of hand-beading to do….

I want to thank whomever put the link to the wig on the Steampunk FB page.  Quite often we create quietly in our own homes, put photos of our work on FB or a blog for our friends and family to see, and go on with our lives, and that is it.  I know I have had many moments of self-doubt about my work (as most costumers do), wondering if it was good enough, if people would think it was cool, or if it actually sucked and no one had the heart to tell me otherwise.  We ALL have these moments.  And after this wig was posted and so many people loved it and wanted to make their own, well, I am filled with gratitude and happiness.  Truly.

I would love to see the wigs made from the pattern.  Please comment and post links to the finished work.  I imagine a group of crazily colorful folk!  I will be wearing the finished outfit to Costume Con in Denver in May, so if you see me there, please say hello.

My husband still thinks it is creepy though, lol.


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