Doing my best Tom Baker.

Costume Con Part 2 (2012) The Doctor Who Masquerade Entry

The Masquerade!  We entered the Sci Fi/Fantasy Masquerade and wound up being the last performers, largely because there were 12 of us.  I had approached Lis of Dragonfly Designs with the idea of doing a Doctor Who switch with the 4th Doctor and Sarah Jane, but  that quickly turned into wanting to have all of our friends be Doctors as well.  The Cheap Chick is not a Who fan and was not planning on participating until she mentioned that everytime we would say “Whovian” she would think of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.”  Therefore we decided she would be the 12th Doctor, Cindy Lou Who.We draped her pink minky fabric (she likes to say her costume is couture, hee!) over a complicated pillow set-up she devised, and she did all the sewing of scallops and such.  When the outfit was done she could only really shuffle in it, which made it that much funnier.

Everyone else chose a Doctor and set about making a female Victorian era version of him.  They chose very different ideas, and it turned out really great.  All of them deserved prizes as far as I am concerned!

I chose the 4th Doctor and immediately knew I wanted to do a knitted bustle.  As I am not the world’s greatest knitter, I found two friends who were willing to help out.  When I went to put all the knitted pieces together to finish the bustle, I found that the pieces had stretched to over 80+ inches and were not long enough.

(Stretched out on my king size bed…)

I wound up cutting the knitting after carefully stitching two rows and cutting between them, and hand stitched the pieces together in chunks.  This wound up being slightly more narrow than I needed, but it looked ok.  I wound up staying up the night before the Masquerade repinning and then stitching the bustle, because the longer it was hung up, the more it stretched.  I had solved that problem in the tail section by stitching into the wool lining every couple of stripes.  The weight was incredible, and I just made it through the Masquerade without popping a ribbon in back.

Just after the bustle was finished:

Redone before the Masquerade, and with better color:

The skirt pattern I used was Truly Victorian’s Parisian trained skirt, over the TV101 bustle.  Underneath the bustle I wore Tardis print bloomers that I made using fabric from Spoonflower.

The skirt was made of a suiting weight brown herringbone wool, lined with heavy satin for stability.  Originally I was going to sew knitted fringe along the bottom, but the Cheap Chick and I decided against it as it looked too messy.  The back side panels got knitted trim with fringing since I don’t know how to make ruffles.  You can see some of the fringing in these shots.

I ditched the lower apron and kept the front, so as to give the illusion of a long brown coat.  The apron and jacket were made of cotton velveteen in brown from Ikea.  I edged the apron with knitted ruffle knitted by the lovely Heather.  Heavy weight hooks and eyes close the skirt.  Even with that, the skirt still hung low in the back.  In the future I need to wear it with a lobster tail bustle, I think.  It needs more support than what I had.

The jacket was made of the same cotton velveteen and was made in the 1872 Vest Basque pattern from Truly Victorian.  My doctor wears a vest, so this was a logical pattern for it.  I found similar houndstooth (although not exact) and set in the vest pieces between the velvet and the cotton lining.  The buttons were meant to look like gears since we were adding a bit of Steampunk to our doctors.  I did not bone the bodice as I wanted it to have a rumpled effect, as that is what my Doctor looked like all the time – rumpled.  The Basque is usually meant to be flat lined, but I bag lined it, resulting in an unusual little circular cut-out effect at the top of the middle back pleat.  To cover this up, I stitched together the left over pieces of knitted ruffle and put buttons in the middle and turned them into little rosettes.  You can see them in the above photo.  They looked pretty cute when finished.

Under the jacket I wore a black Victorian corset (the one I wore with my 1906 dress), a white thrifted buttondown, and a burnt orange colored silk chiffon cravat I made using fabric I found at a sari shop in DC.  I had a K-9 pin, but forgot it at home.  I put buttons on the backs of the sleeves, and top-stitched everything.  The only thing missing was the buttonholes on the collar, as I do not have a reliable buttonholer.  I am going to remedy that before wearing the outfit again.

I had knitted fingerless gloves with little Shrinky Dink Tardis buttons made by my friend Anne, and I didn’t finish the matching spats in time.  I wore little Tardis earrings I found from a dealer on Etsy, and a little black fedora from H&M that I sprayed green and to which I added matching ribbon.  My hair was not quite what I had planned, mainly the result of not bringing hairspray with me when I was styling it.  But it was large and curly enough to rival Tom Baker’s.

I also had a Sonic Screwdriver and a bag of Jelly Babies (both iconic items of the Doctor) that The Other Laura had found for me at the candy shop across from the hotel.  I wound up giving the screwdriver to the Chick for Cindy Lou, and the gag worked far better than if I had carried it.

We got a ton of applause and were a huge hit.  Doctor #2 got Best Tailoring Journeyman, I got Best in Class Worksmanship Journeyman, #5 got a Worksmanship award in Novice, and #6 (probably my favorite outfit of all of them) for Best in Class Worksmanship Novice.  We got Judge’s Choice as well for our performance.  There are talks about doing the performance again at Gallifrey in 2013.  I hope we do.  It was a blast.

Doctors 1-6 trying to kill each other.  The photo of 7-12 has not yet been posted.

My Tardis bloomers.  Probably my best Tom Baker face by far.

Cindy Lou Who, minus antenae.

The award winning doctors.  #4, #2, #6 and #5.

Posing with the Wild Wild West folks.

Here is a shot taken by an audience member where you can see most of 6-12.

All of us attacking Cindy Lou Who – note my scarf around her neck.

There are more photos being posted this week and if I get some really good front shots of the costumes I will post them.  We were told that there have never been all of the Doctors at the same time at Costume Con, so we set a record.  We got a lot of compliments and had a lot of fun.  Big thanks to the friends of the Cheap Chick who put together our recording for us.

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