Crazy 18th century twisted historicals.

Costume Con Part 1 (2012)

I had a really wonderful time this past weekend at Costume Con.  I participated in the Sci Fi Masquerade, my group won Judge’s Choice, and I won Best in Class for Worksmanship in Journeyman.  I also learned that in the future I will ALWAYS stay at the host hotel.  What a hassle that turned out to be.  I missed tons of stuff waiting for the shuttle….

On Friday night I again wore my orange saloon girl costume that I wore at Teslacon:

I still haven’t shortened the underbust corset, and thus it looks very wrinkly.  Of course losing a few pounds would also help….

On Saturday morning I wore my pink cheetah Nerfpunk Scottish Lolita-inspired outfit.  Say that several times, really fast…..  I got inspired by Nerfpunk, but with my hair color, the typical Nerf colors do not work that well.  Blaze orange is not my friend.

So I searched eBay and Amazon until I found a pink cheetah print marshmallow shooter.  Which inspired all kinds of crazy.  I found the hot pink and black stripe and gingham check in the garment district when I was in NYC, and the tights are from We Love Colors.  The blouse is thrifted, and the vest is based off of the Prince Charlie jacket’s vest.  My belt does not have the traditional larger buckle, but instead was something I  had in my closet.  The jabot was made of cheetah ribbon instead of lace.  (I was going Old School Scottish)  I elected not to do a jacket as the Con was in Tempe and it was 105 degrees.  I have a fly plaid (pronounced played) of pink cheetah organza secured with a pink cheetah brooch, which was part of a set of earrings found in NYC.  I am wearing it on the side that men wear their plaids – typically you see women with them tied as a sash on the other side, although there are always variations.

The pink kilt is made as an actual kilt, although using only 5 yards.  It has the extra pleats in front, it is fringed, and the stitching is sewn down in back to top of hip length.  Due to the very large hip to waist ratio I have, I did take small darts in front on either side of the flat front.  Usually with wool you can manipulate it so as to avoid this, but silk doesn’t offer me that luxury.  I have two buckles on one side and one on the other, and the front closes at the bottom with a kilt pin.  Since I did Highland Dancewear for a number of years I feel pretty comfortable in saying my construction of this kilt is correct.

Underneath the kilt is a circle skirt made of taffeta and edged at the bottom with ruffles of pink cheetah organza.  I used more of the pink cheetah ribbon as flashes on my boots (which are meant to mimic ghillies), and on my sporran.  The sporran was a lucky find – it was a purse I bought at Target as a possible fest bag, and worked beautifully as a sporran.  I made the tassels as well.  On my head was a pink tam with large cockade.  Once I got all that pink on I realized that my red hair was not going to go well with the outfit, so I wore a curly black wig.  Since the only photo I have right now of the outfit makes me look like Howard Stern (tm my husband), I have chosen to crop it at the neck.

I kind of love it in it’s silliness.  Not sure I will wear it much again, but it was fun.

Saturday night was the masquerade.  I am going to post photos of that in a separate post.

Sunday day we all dressed in our crazy 18th century dresses.  I had posted the hat previously on this blog, and it worked out great, once I was able to build my hair up to almost a foot off my head.  All I cared about was a clear field of vision, lol.  I altered my Valentine’s Day courtesan into a silly version of a Redingote.  The lovely DangerKitty embroidered a heart for the back, and I add ribbon to it.  I changed the front, the sleeves, and added a new underskirt, as well as a quilted petticoat made out of an old fabric sample that still has the grommet in the corner.  I did not finish dying my American Duchess Georgiana shoes, so I wore plain red patent leather heels with my heart tights.  (That is the Cheap Chick in her Fishing Opener Anglaise….)

The finishing touch was a pink metal mailbox I saw at Joann fabrics that I turned into a purse.  The guys at AlterYears ran over and gave me a vintage Valentine card (they had been handing out vintage cards with all purchases).  It was very sweet.  I won a Hall Award for the costume as well.

(Saharazara in her Cherry Polonaise, The Cheap Chick, Dragonfly Designs in her Cupcake Polonaise  – check out her embroidered buttons and hat!, Artemisia in her Sewing Room Francaise complete with measuring tape trim, and me)

That evening it was the historical masquerade (which koshka and twilatee won tons of awards in!) and my friends were all dressing in Titanic era fashions.  I don’t find that style to be very flattering to my shape, so I made a 1906 dress based off of a Godey’s fashion plate.

(From Godey’s Lady’s Book, 1906)

I am not happy with the finished result as I feel that it cuts me across the middle section, and am planning on scrapping the top and making a bodice covered in bobbinette lace to go with it.  The skirt is a petticoat of black organza, with a black china silk and lace skirt on top.  I did not have enough lace for the entire skirt, so I left the back as an inverted V and filled it with rows of lace and sequined trim.  All of the lace was purchased at Hobby Lobby.  The buttons were found at Joann Fabrics for $.50 a card when Joann decided to discontinue this brand of buttons.

The sequined belt was found at the thrift store.  The bodice is actually a black silk duchesse satin corset that was partially made 2 years ago by a friend.  Apparently I have lost inches since then, as after I put it together I found that it was still very roomy on the bottom, even after I put a dart in.  I attached china silk straps to the neckline, and the lace swag (with chiffon edging) snaps onto the straps.  I found the opera length gloves in NYC.  It was very sparkly, but I did not feel that it gave me a very nice shape, and, frankly, I think it made me look a bit pregnant.

(Suzette and me)

You can just see my “Free Mister Bates!” button on my shoulder strap.  Hee!

I had a great time hanging out with friends, finally meeting folks I have known online for awhile, and competing in the masquerade!  Part 2 will cover my costume and our presentation of “All the Whos in Whoville.”

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