An Eleonora Update and a Virtual Garage Sale

I know!  I bet you folks thought I had forgotten about Eleonora, as the heavy bolt of silvery white velvet in my sewing room collects a fine layer of dust on it…

Well, I admit that the last few months have been distinctly non-sewing in nature.  The stuff from Teslacon and Fezziwig’s are still thrown around, and the entire place is in a distinct state of disarray.  My motivation to do sewing has been sorely lacking.  And I have never had a burnt-out period that lasted quite this long.

However, several weeks ago I started planning some changes.  I threw out my back and wasn’t able to do much other than think and read, so I started thinking about what it was I wanted to do in regards to sewing.  And I decided I wanted to reduce my output and increase my quality.  I want to focus on the costuming and sewing that I enjoy.  And less on the stuff I don’t.

I love Victorian costuming.  I love Italian Renaissance.  I love 18th century.  I love German Renaissance.  I would like to make something 17th century, and also something Regency.  I am intrigued by folk costume for some reason.

I am pretty much over Elizabethan costuming.  I am burnt out.  I am over Tudor.  I am unwilling to drive long distances to attend Renaissance Festivals in 85’F heat.

I really want to complete the Eleonora gown.  I saw the frame that Cathy Hay put together with her father for her Peacock dress that she is painstakingly stitching and instantly knew it would work for Eleonora.  She was kind enough to give me a lot of details about the frame and after a trip to Home Depot I have a pile of supplies waiting for me in the garage.  I have also decided to paint the frame pink.  Because why not?

Artemisia of Dress Diary sent me a layout for the design and it looks like it will work.  I need to print it out, trace it, iron it onto the fabric, and then get the fabric into the frame and get started.  It will take a bit of work, but I am actually excited about it again, which is a plus.  I have decided that my deadline for completion is being moved to May 2013, for Costume Con 31 in Colorado.  December of this year is not going to be enough time, and I want to do this RIGHT.

However, in order to make more space in my sewing room I am going to be getting rid of many items that are taking up space.  I have accessories, patterns, books, some costumes and lots of fabric.  I will be listing the items on Etsy in the next week and will link to them here.  If someone likes something but would rather pay less- e-mail me.  I want this stuff GONE.

I am cautiously optimistic about all of this and look forward to finally sharing updates on Eleonora over the coming months.



5 thoughts on “An Eleonora Update and a Virtual Garage Sale

    • Laura says:

      I am starting to get them together and am going to list them this week. There are some Elizabethan and Tudor books, patterns, and a couple of Elizabethan style outfits that are NOT historical at all – our festival is more of a fantasy festival than true historical.

      • Maureen says:

        Could you send me a link to your auctions when you do post them? I have no issue either making due or a little converting on my part. I try to be historical but only when either comfort or cost get in the way. I am a sensible noble if there is such an animal;-)
        I went through the blah period over the summer, then found fabrics that have inspired me to get started all over again. Everything in stages and phases I suppose. Happy to get a custom order just the other day, really thrilled. Hope more to come. Best of Luck with your endeavors in whatever era they take you. Luck all around to everyone on their up coming projects, may they be fulfilling and complete.

  1. isasempstress says:

    Hey, Gorgeous!

    Can I tell you, I have been feeling the exact same thing! I have so many projects to finish, and I know I want to finish them, I just… Ugh. Between looking at a million zillion art/fashion/historical/architectural for lecture junque and being inspired in 173,244,516 directions, and wanting to work on my spinning or knitting or make jewelry, and the mind-shattering Midwestern Guilt (aka, “work ethic”) regarding employers/clients where I Could Be Doing More Because I Am Still Awake/Alive(tm), I have just been toast. And I’m only trying to make doll clothes, for crying out loud! My model is all of 16″ tall. Oy…. I make me sad. I’m so glad it wasn’t just me on a meh-spell, and I’m so happy that you’re finding your joy again!

    On a more positive note, I cleaned the sewing room (aka, garage) over winter break and while it was overwhelming and, well, overwhelming, the results were so positive and stress reducing for everyone in the house (all both of us, and we both use the sewing room) that it’s totally worth it. The gift of a calm, functional, inspiring workplace is one of the best things you can give yourself. 🙂

    Mad Luv!

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