2011 – Ending the Year with Steampunk – Part 2

The final costuming event of the year was the Minnesota Society of Costumer’s big event, “A Steampunk Christmas Carol – Fezziwig’s Party.”

The party took place at The Outing Lodge, a beautiful 1850s lodge that seems to be in the middle of nowhere, but is actually about a mile from downtown Stillwater, MN, which is just across the river from Wisconsin.  Because little snow was anticipated, the sleigh ride was cancelled.

And then this happened:

(This photo is taken from the side of the building  – it is a HUGE place.)

Several feet of snow was dumped on the lodge and surrounding areas starting 2 hours prior to the event.  In spite of the blizzarding conditions, 83 out of 88 ticket holders came to the event, some arriving within an hour of the end of the event.  It was a GREAT turn-out.

Little did we know this was pretty much all the snow we were going to get ALL WINTER.

The event was hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig, in all their finery.  (I made the underbust and bustle for Mrs. Fezziwig, as well as the vest and cravat for Mr. Fezziwig, all from a red sari I found on eBay.  We managed to thrift the rest.)

(Image by Jim Jordan.)

(Image by Jim Jordan.)

There was fabulous food, dancing, a fortune-teller, specialty drinks, a costume contest, snow angels, a conga line (that may or may not have been initiated by me), and several of us stayed overnight at the Lodge and had a fantastic breakfast in the morning.  The Cheap Chick was convinced she heard a ghost and at one point admonished said ghost for being so loud when we were trying to chat.  Hee!

The Other Laura’s amazing bustle.

Snow angels!  California Jen had never made an angel before as she is from CA and she was a bit surprised as to how cold snow really is when you lay down in it!  We could hear her shrieking from inside the lodge.

I wore my White Queen costume without the wig and crown (but put bells and snowflakes in my hair) and received a lot of compliments  as to it being very appropriate for the occasion.  The Cheap Chick wore a bustle-y type outfit that we had pinned into place several nights before.  Lucy the Schnoodle had been fascinated by the entire process until I tore the fabric and then she freaked out that something so innocent looking as taffeta could make so much scary noise.  She hides now whenever I turn on the sewing machine.

Danger Kitty (with MamaRox back there on the left and an appearance of the green outfit I wore to Convergence on the right!) wore her circus inspired Steampunk outfit.  Something she discovered that evening – when sewing a zipper into the front of a tight bodice, make sure to sew a tack in the top so the zipper cannot be pulled right off, causing a possible wardrobe malfunction.

Princess modified this old prom gown into a Steampunk ball gown of glory, all by herself.  I was very proud.  She also modified the outfit her handsome date wore, right down to the braids on his hat and shirt – all thanks to the Klutz books.  Go summer camp!

(Image by Jim Jordan.)

And another Teslacon outfit appears!  Which I think looks better on the lovely Missy.  Embroidered sleeves courtesy of DJ Renee and Urban Threads.

(Image by Jim Jordan)

Sassy Misdemeanor Maven, our Roller Derby girl.

(Image by Jim Jordan)

California Jen and Debbie in some of Debbie’s lovely creations, which won 2nd and 3rd place in the costume contest.

(Image by Jim Jordan)

Jessica, our fabulous DJ for the evening (with the assistance of DJRenee).

(Image by Jim Jordan)

The Cheap Chick and I in our finery.

(Image by Jim Jordan)

The official Fezziwig Wench Posse photo for 2011.  (Note the lovely G wearing my orange Teslacon outfit, as well as the fact that Maven is standing on a barrel – she is not actually 8 feet tall.)

The event was so much fun we have already received RSVPs from 87 people for 2012.  We are planning on 150 people for this year’s event, WITH sleigh rides (watch – there will be no snow), a caricaturist, Victorian party games and possible appearances by some of our favorite ghosts.

If you happen to be in MN on December 8, 2012, come and join us!  It is a grand time!

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