The 40 Days of Laura – the Finale

It has been awhile since I updated, so I should finish up with the 40 Days before I proceed with info on what is happening around these parts….

Day 8 – 40 $1.00 bills and lunch from Grandma (who prefers to remain anonymous from the Interwebz…)

Day 9 – The Steampunk Bible from the lovely Karmela, who is my daughter from another mother.

The fez was on loan.

Day 10 – A box of pears and a Boudreaux t-shirt from my buddy Rick and his family.  This references an old joke that Rick used to tell back in the Army, and which was ceremoniously told again at my wedding.  It is a somewhat dirty joke.  If can be found at the bottom of this bulletin board:

Day 11 – 40 silly text messages throughout the day while I was at Teslacon with the most awful cold I have had in YEARS.  Messages of Wench Posse-isms and things like, “GO BIG OR GO HOME!”

Day 12 – A book of “spare parts” (an anatomy textbook) from my best friend Swimmer, making fun of my Dreaded Disease.

Day 13 – A vintage A&W mug and Dennis the MenaceA&W cartoon from my favorite other Dad, Papa Schneider (illustrious father of The Cheap Chick) in remembrance of the numerous times he drove my butt to all the A&Ws in all of WI.

Day 14 – The Lovely Artemisia offered me a Day of Endless Eating when I went to visit her in NC.  I chose “All the Flan in All the Land.”  Arte and I are Flan Snobs.

Day 15 – The Lovely Ellen repeated her stint as “Flute Alarm Clock.”  She did the same thing for El Jefe when it was his 40 days.  She played various musical numbers outside my door in the wee hours of the morning, to include a refrain of “Do They Know Its Christmas?” However, she agrees with me on the awfulness of that song and cut it mercifully short.  She also played ABBA.

Day 16 – A vase full of edible flowers made of fruit from my excellent in-laws.

Day 17 – A Top 40 Mix Tape of songs from every year since the year of my birth, as put together by El Jefe.  Note the excellent photo-shopping below.

Day 18 – 40 different vintage buttons in a vintage jewelry box from my fabulous SIL, BIL and niece and nephew.

Day 19 – The lovely Margo Anderson made me a BARONESS in the Kingdom of Margonia.  I am decorative and entertaining.  Hee!

Day 20 – The Manicure Fairy visited me by way of the lovely Princess, who gave me a bag of glitter and a bottle of nail polish decorated like a fairy with hair bobbles for wings.

Day 21 – I am worth a fortune!  Cindy gave me 40 fortune cookies and a gift card to PF Changs.

Day 22 – 40 gluten free cake balls from my lovely future sister-in-law Brie (who was feeling rather poorly due to her unborn child causing her grief) and delivered by my lovely sister Jenny.  Note the big “40” in pink icing.

Day 23 – I was given an honorary award bracelet from the guys who play poker at my house on a regular basis.  I have made their “regalia” for years, and it usually includes very hard and complex work using green felt, glitter glue, pipe cleaners and old playing cards.

Day 24 – 40 spools of thread in various fun and bright colors from my Dad and Step-Mother, to include NERF colors.  Very fun.

Day 25 – 40 photos of me throughout the years, as blown up and hung on the wall from my sister Jenny.  There were many I hadn’t seen before.  Also?  I was apparently asleep when this was taken.

Day 26 – A bag of 40 handmade caramels (YUM!) made by Theresa, who presented them to me at the Steampunk Christmas Carol Fezziwig’s Party.

Day 27 – A beautiful bouquet of flowers sent by friends of the family.

Day 28 – A custom puzzle (with photos of our travels together) sent from England by my friends the Bartletts, with the caveat that if it was completed by the night of my birthday, they would send a prize.  The puzzle was 1,000 pieces and my friends and I stayed up very late to finish it and had a blast in spite of the puzzle being a MONSTER to put together.  We are splitting the prize – a large box of organic chocolate bars.

Day 29 – My friends Suzette and Helena in the SF Bay Area sent me a handmade bag from Malvena Pearl filled with all kinds of fun trims.

Day 30 – A phone call from my Army Buddy Tina, as well as a hysterical card showing how one could use bows to make a “shirt” and a CD of Top 40 Latino music in homage to our time together learning Spanish at the Defense Language Institute.  Every time I listen to Pitbull, I think of her.  Hee.

Day 31 – A slide show of 40 photos of The Cheap Chick and I in various costumes throughout the year.  Including both the good years and the VERY VERY bad.

Day 32 – A Ren Fest Birthday Dirge sung to me by my friend Mike.  Stanzas included:  “Now that you’re the age you are
Your demise cannot be far…
BUT, Happy Birthday…”

Day 33 – A beautiful handcrafted bowl from my friend Marti the Potter.

Day 34 – A Mickey Mouse hat, Pirate pen and a plate of Mickey Mouse GF cake-balls (that tasted like Ho-Hos!) from the Lawsons.  Again I am sleeping in the photo (this was at the height of my horrific cold) and note the baby attempting to steal a cake ball…

Day 35 – A phone call from my friend Emily in Wales, whom I haven’t spoken with in a very long time.

Day 36 – 40 Yen from my Brother and his family in Japan.  This equalled $.51 the day it was sent.

Day 37 – The D&D group my husband is in gave me a “Whip of Obedience,” aka “the +1 Riding Crop.” I am trying to figure out how to add it to a costume… hee!

Day 38 – 40 coupons from my youngest daughter, to include a day of modeling costumes, being a road-trip buddy, and hauling fabric up and down the stairs.  WOOT!

Day 39 – My family birthday party where much ice cream cake was eaten.

Day 40 – An overnight at a spa in Stillwater, where we had a great dinner out, massages, pedicures, manicures, sat in the hot tub, shopped, stayed up late putting together that *&$%#$ puzzle, ate chocolate, and had a jolly good time.

I love this photo.

I would recommend the 40 Days to anyone – it was a blast and I loved every minute of it.

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