The 40 Days Part Deux

I had to post the most recent Days because they are pretty amusing.

Day 6 – Basket of 40 Things to ease the transition into old age. Including a poem, a cane, earplugs, joint therapy, prune juice, bladder control items, hair dye, curlers, corm cushions, magnifying glass, large print word find, history, pill box, and lots of other stuff.  My favorite items were the air horn (excellent for waking up children who might be late to school) and the HUGE carved cane.  Very cool.

Also I had a margarita glass and bell to ring for drinks.  Perhaps #8 will be a Cabana Boy?

These would be cell phone photos, which is why they are so fuzzy.

Day 7 included a card on my doorknob from the lovely DJRenee that had 40 sewing machine needles in it.  It also instructed me to check outside, where I found this:

A needle pulling thread, or in this case, A Honda.  Made of PVC and duct foam and rope.  LOVE IT.  Might have to be a permanent fixture in the yard….

Tomorrow I have a heads up – it will be from my Grandmother and includes lunch.  More updates at the end of the week…

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