The 40 Days of Laura

I haven’t posted in a long while because I am A)waiting on the Eleonora pattern outline which takes time (thanks to the lovely Arte!!) and B)I have been busy writing blog posts for the MNSOC blog and running MNSOC events.  Which takes a surprising amount of time.

And then Tuesday rolled around and my Mom sent me a text:  “How do you like the pink flamingos on your front lawn?” and I knew that the 40 days had begun.

Five years ago my husband turned 40 and I played a very long practical joke on him.  My sister in law had first told me about the idea, as it had happened to a friend of hers.  Starting at 40 days from the person’s 40th birthday, you do something silly, crazy, funny, etc. every day in countdown to the birthday.  Everyone signs up for a day.  It started with my Mom having 40 pink flamingos on the front lawn of our house.  Of course he was very confused, saying, “Uh, my birthday isn’t till September.  What the?”  Then when he woke up each day to find things like an inflatable walker in his office, or a big cut-out of MN Twins catcher Joe Mauer wishing him a “Great 19 days till your birthday!” and 800 balloons in his office, he picked up on the idea very quickly.  It causes the person to be slightly paranoid for 40 days, as you never know what you are going to find when you wake up.

Other things we did for El Jefe were 12 plastic monkeys on a tree, an AARP magazine cover with his photo and “El Jefe and other things older than dirt,” and my personal favorite, songs from musicals played on the flute outside our window at 6:30am.  Hee.  His request?  “Do you know ‘They Call the Wind Mariah?’ from ‘Paint Your Wagon?'”

It culminated in a party at a local pub with whiskey tasting and good food.

I did not think El Jefe was going to do the 40 days for me.  I suspected there might be payback of some kind, but he seemed so vehemently against it that I assumed I would have a small party and that would be it.

Um, NO.

When my Mom texted me about the pink flamingos I found El Jefe and showed him the text and he started laughing and said, “Let’s go take your picture!!”  (I was on the way to Physical Therapy and looking stunning, of course.)  Then he laughed evilly, very “Mwa ha ha!” and said, “I hope you enjoy the next 39 days!”

And only when the next day started did I realize just how much the 40 days of Laura could mess with a person’s mind.  Since Tuesday I have inspected my car every day for signs, cans, etc.  I have gingerly peeked into my closet, my sewing space, the bathroom and the laundry room.  Whereas I had a calendar and the help of El Jefe’s friend at work, he has a spreadsheet and a “Circle of Trust.”  Hee.

I must say that I have enjoyed my 40 days so far much more than he did his.  He has made mine more fun, to be honest.  So every few days or so I am going to post the results of the 40 days in the hopes that someone might see this and plan something as fun for someone they love.

Day 1 (or Day 40 to me, as I counted backwards and he is counting forwards):  40 pink flamingos on the front lawn:

Day 2/39:  Ice cream cake with the Wench Posse, and all the chocolate in all the land from the WP, to include an entire bag filled with shotglasses filled with frosting.  Hee.

Day 3/38:  40 certificates entitling me to 1 load of laundry from my lovely oldest daughter.  (She also clarified that this means ALL the laundry in the room at the time, which I don’t think she quite comprehends the vastness of….)
Day 4/37:  40 gluten-free snacks made by my two Aunts, in a basket that belonged to my Grandmother.  Sniff.

Day 5/36:  The best so far – I woke up to balloons littering the family room and stairway and kitchen and living room, each with a photo of a famous good looking actor with a movie quote altered to include me in it.  The last grouping of “Over the Hill” balloons included a box of Junior Mints.  Hee.  The first photo was of Jason Statham (yum!) telling me how lovely I looked today, and included Rocky (“LAURA! YO, LAURA!”), Ferris Bueller (“This song goes out to a young lady who thinks she hasn’t seen anything good today – Laura, this one’s for you!”), Tim Gunn encouraging me to “Make it work!”, Tom Cruise telling me that I complete him, and Kevin Bacon from Animal House asking, “PLEASE LAURA, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!”  My favorite was Dustin Hoffman – “Mrs. U, are you trying to seduce me?”  My sister has put them all together into a book for me as well.  Hee.  Big thanks to Jenny and her fiancee Brie.

Note that no one puts me in a corner.

True dat.

Why, good morning Mr. Statham!

I have to admit, I am kind of looking forward to tomorrow!

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