My Earring Holder Craft Project

As part of my on-going plan to organize my life and try to dress it up a little on a daily basis, I realized that the spaces I use for getting dressed were a little messy.

Ok, a lot messy.  (And I apologize for the quality of the photos – my camera charger is missing and my iPhone does not have a flash.)  This is the corner of the bathroom where I keep my jewelry, hair supplies, etc.  I am fortunate enough to have a rather large vanity space for this stuff.  Prior to a year ago the only make-up I owned was two tubes of mascara, a bottle of cover-up, a bottle of moisturizer, some under-eye stuff in a tiny tube and a lipstick.  I also didn’t have any hair-spray or mousse or gel, or anything.

When I decided to do the White Queen for Costume Con I needed a very quick tutorial on make-up and also needed to procure more make-up.  The Chick and Princess took me to Target and essentially threw things in the cart that I would need.  MartiPotter gave me her Queen Elizabeth make-up that had not been used (Ben Nye stuff- really excellent make-up).  And I was given a refresher course on make-up before I went to NJ.

You would think that I knew a little bit about make-up having grown up in the 80’s.  I knew about blue eyeshadow and how to put on eyeliner (kind of) and how to use Aqua Net, but that was it.  I have always been a bit low maintenance when it comes to my make-up.  I just haven’t wanted to spend the time on it.  And because I have really nice skin (thank you, Ehlers-Danlos), I haven’t had to worry much about it.  But with costuming comes accessories and make-up IS an accessory for costuming.

So is hair stuff and jewelry.  I had accumulated more jewelry over the last several years (thank you to my FIL) and realized that I spent more time searching for matching earrings in the morning than I did actually getting dressed.  That little tray next to the Q-Tips in the photo above is where I had been basically storing my earrings, pendants, hair things, spare change, etc.  This was starting to get a bit out of control.

As to my necklaces and bracelets?  Those had had a home for years:

I had seen something similar on a blog somewhere, and instead of making a necklace holder out of wood and cup-hooks, I bought an old tie holder from the thrift store and have been hanging my necklaces from that.  It has worked great, and both my daughters have one in their rooms.  I did make the little bracelet holder out of a vintage frame, postcard and cup-hooks.  It fit in a little nook of my previous bathroom, so it looks a little out of place here, but it does the job.

As for the earrings, well, I had kind of just tossed them onto the lovely tray that MartiPotter had made for me.  Which didn’t work very well as everything else wound up there when I cleaned.  So something had to be done.

I had seen someone on another blog make a cake stand using an old candlestick and a plate.  I have also seen something at Joann’s that looked like a smaller version of a 3-tiered serving tray, except for jewelry.  The cost was $25.  I figured I could make something similar for less money.

I had a giftcard from Pier 1, so I started there.  And this is what I came home with:

The plates were from a tasting series and were small 4 inch square plates.  They were on sale.  The little glasses were from the same series and were meant to be for cordials.  They were also on sale.  The total cost of the glassware was $13.40. I looked at decorative plates, but ultimately decided that A)the glass would go with any bathroom I might use in the future and B)it was easier to see the jewelry through the layers.

I had several tubes of E6000 left over from making jewelry.  I thought about using hot glue for this project, but decided that E6000 would hold things more securely.

So I took the labels off, cleaned everything with Goo Gone, and glued a glass to the middle of one of the plates, with the larger opening facing to the top for added support.

Then I stacked another set and just kept gluing.

When I was finished it looked a little like that.  I decided I needed a top for it that was decorative.  I looked at the antique store when I was out with my Grandmother and found a little cut glass bell with the name “sinti” on it.  The top was a fancy gold scrolled handle.  I unscrewed the handle from the bell and glued it to the center of the top plate.

I was very happy with the finished product.  The glue was very solid, and everything stayed together and looked great.  I put my earrings on the various tiers according to kind:  hook on the top, hoops in the middle (I have a bit of an addiction with hoop earrings) and posts on the bottom.

I put the rest of the pendants and decorative hair pieces on the tray the earrings used to be on.  I had a little wooden box that El Jefe had brought me back from India and I put the leftover earring backs in there.  The jewelry box to the left of the earring holder holds family jewelry belonging to my kids, as well as a small pouch holding earrings that have lost their partners.  I also relocated the carbon monoxide detector.

The final layout now looks like this:

I am looking at getting a little basket for my hair products (and moisturizer).  Otherwise the layout works well and keeps things organized.

This is a really simple thing to make and you could use all kinds of things for it.  You could put glass animals on the top, do the layers in tiers that get more narrow, etc.  You could use old china for it.  I made two more for my daughters, using crystal I found at the thrift and antique stores.  For G I used old cut crystal saucers with a candlestick between the top two layers and a parfait glass between the bottom two.  The top piece is a little cut glass vase like thing meant to hold toothpicks.

Because of the ridges on the edges of the plates she was able to hang her hook earrings on the ends.

I am really happy to have the space in my bathroom more organized now, and it looks nice as well.  Hopefully this little project is useful to others!

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