The Bristol Day of Wrong and Eleonora

Eleonora update:  I have sewn together a second mock-up of the dress, using a white linen with a brocade pattern on it.  I lengthened the bodice and added the point in front from Margo’s alternate pattern.  I wanted to see what this shape would do for MY shape, as well as wanting to see what boning the bodice would do in terms of being able to avoid a possible corset.

I did not get a chance to wear the dress at Bristol, but it looks to fit better and look more proportionate.  Margo also sent me an updated bodice with more length and the shoulders more off-set, so a 3rd mock-up looks likely.  She also sent me patterns for the Beret Sleeve and the paned sleeve and I made up the paned sleeves with gold piping.  I am not sure of how I like the design at the shoulders compared to the photo, but any photos will have to wait till the pearls (128 of them!) are sewn onto the sleeve pieces to attach them to each other.  I hope to have this completed by early next week so I can take pictures.  Once the bodice looks to be completely set in terms of design, I will then cut out the velvet and get cracking on the punch needlework.


Every year the Wench Posse attends the Bristol Renaissance Festival’s Day of Wrong, as organized by our buddy Kirk.  This year we had a fairly spectacular showing with 14+ people attending.  Our theme this year was Holidays/Events.  We also didn’t specify a style of historical garment, and instead let people do what they wanted.  So we wound up with a ton of different options.

The weather was brutally hot and I pretty much fell out at the 3 hour mark and went back to the hotel to hang out in the A/C.  Everyone else spent the majority of the day there and had a great time.

My costume was a Courtesan inspired Valentine’s Day.  I went with the dress style from Pirates of the Caribbean that I had made for last year’s Courtesan Invasion, but made it in pink linen.  The inner faux corset was a cotton print of vintage Valentines.  I also used the same print for my bloomers/drawers and guard on the bottom. I used Valentines ribbon to fill out the sleeves, and as trim.  I lost my 3rd clasp for the front as I was getting ready to sew it on, and it made a huge difference in the look.  It REALLY needs that third clasp.  As well as a good pressing in the bodice area, which didn’t happen.  The sleeves also need some elastic as they kept slipping down my arms all day.

I made a girdle using some heart necklaces I got at JCPenney, and the lovely Countess Genevieve made my necklace and earrings.  The necklace is a bit heavy and not likely to be worn again after DOW is over at MNRF.  I had a red champagne flute, a heart shaped basket, my red Steve Madden courtesan-ish shoes and some red hearted knee high hose from Sock Dreams to complete the outfit.  I am also going to polonaise up the back before I wear it at MNRF.  It was WAY too long.  This is what happens when you finish your outfit in the car on the way to the event….

I also made hair horns.  I used a headband, some styrofoam, two flower picks with hearts on top, some wire, some E6000 and LOTS of strips of fake hair from my Irma wig.  Combined with a faux bun and my Lacey hair fall, it made some seriously fun hair.



The finished product:

This was AFTER being out in the heat for 3 hours.  My bangs were starting to fall at that point.

The complete outfit in all it’s silliness:

Posing with Kirk, who sells roses at Fest and spent the day as the FTD guy:

Also attending was Fishing Opener (a holiday in MN and WI!), the Cheap Chick:

Her tiny little hat is from Build a Bear Workshop and she also had a minitare creel and a Billy the Bigmouth Bass who hung off her back.

California Jen as Arrrr-bor Day:

Mama Rox as Dia de los Muertos:

Saharazara as Bastille Day, complete with severed head and tiny little guillotine:

The Other Laura did Carnevale with a truly lovely gown:

Spammaggie did Christmas with a light-up tree topper as her hat and strands of lights:

Georgie did Boxing Day and had a large applique on her back with her Boxing name “Black Eye Susan:”

VictorianDebbie was Wedding Day and played the blushing bride very well:

DragonKitty was Sick Day, and she was able to reuse my Hospital Gown from January when I broke my shoulder.  Her Dayquil bottle that she took drinks from was an excellent accessory (filled with Fanta) as was her ice pack headband and Angry Bird slippers:

Cabana Boy David was Hawaiian Vacation:

Princess was St. Patty’s Day, complete with Guinness coaster hip scarf and “pot o’gold” jingle bra:

Chum was May Day, and covered in ribbons:

Amanda 1.0 was Halloween and wore her beloved wig:

Swimmer was our Autumnal Equinox, but her outfit was so pretty and heavily beaded that we all decided it wasn’t very wrong:

We ran into a cute couple who decided to be opposite for the day:

And the Chick and I ran into some documentary filmmakers, one of whom bore a slight resemblance to the Old Spice Guy.  He was kind enough to say, “Hello Ladies…”

We had a festival wide group photo of all the wrongness:

As well as a WP specific photo:

We already have plans for next year’s craziness….

Joining us at MNRF the last Saturday of Fest are Baseball Opener, Hanukkah, Labor Day, Spring Break, Pride Day and 4th of July.

WAY too much fun was had at Bristol by one and all.

4 thoughts on “The Bristol Day of Wrong and Eleonora

  1. TOL says:

    Wonderfully documented!! Now, I think I might try to keep a secret as to how I’m planning to really “Carnivale” up my costume for MNRF DoW. Because though a leopard print courtesan is awesome it doesn’t yell “CARNIVALE!!”

    The sad part of keeping a secret is no group efforts…so I might change my mind 😀

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