Eleonora Down Under

The lovely Kim of “Life is Too Short For Normal Clothes” posted a comment on the blog yesterday.  I went to her blog only to discover that she is also doing Eleonora!  However, she is MUCH farther along than I am.  Look at the pretty:

Isn’t that just stunning??  She is doing applique for her version and it is just so lovely and well done.  I can’t wait to see it finished.

She is also participating in the Realm of Venus Costume Challenge.  Go check out her blog and her Eleonora!  It would be very fun some day if everyone who makes an Eleonora gown can meet up at Costume Con or Costume College for a group photo.

5 thoughts on “Eleonora Down Under

  1. Kim says:

    Thanks for popping over to look at my site, cant wait to see your dress. How are you going to create your fabric?
    Definately up for a mass Eleanora chatch up one day. I am planning on taking my dress to Florence when it is done to have pictures taken in some of the Medici gardens, fingers crossed it eventutates.

    • Laura says:

      I have the same plan with my dress – I told my husband to skip the 40th birthday presents this year and to just take me to Florence next year so I can wear the dress and have my picture taken next to the portrait. 😉

      I am planning on doing punch needlework on velveteen for mine. There was a brief thought of doing it on a silk satin background like yours, but the silk was so expensive and the idea of all the pulls in the fabric from the punch needlework scared me off. So I found a silvery velveteen with a VERY thin pile and am using that. I need to blow up my pattern and transfer it over when I get back from Costume Con. I have no idea how long the punch needlework is going to take. I really admire your applique though! It will be interesting to see how different our dresses move with the different methods of construction. Are you going to embroider the camicia as well?

  2. Kim says:

    lol perhaps we should meet in florence 🙂

    The main problem I have with the applique is that the vislofex doesn’t stick terribly well to to the satin, so it requires reironing periodically. Looking forward to seeing how the punch needlework works out.

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