Oh Happy Day!

I have 8 yards of lovely velvet in my hot little hands.  It looks more like the outside edges of the photo above.  It is Namur Silver, from www.interiormall.com.  It was $23.90 a yard, and is a rayon/cotton blend.  It has some weight to it, but drapes beautifully, looks very similar to the fabric in the portrait, has no stretch and looks like it will hoop up well for punch needlework.  I might actually be able to use a regular hoop sometimes instead of just using the quilting rack – I just need to see how well the low pile springs back.  Woot!

I have updated the White Queen page with my New and Improved Plan.  Today is busy, busy, busy in terms of trying to fit things, take crabby emo dogs to the vet and actually accomplish sewing.  Costume Con is only a few weeks away – I have to get cracking on this stuff.

But the velvet is sooooooooo pretty….

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