White Queen and About Me

I have updated the White Queen page with today’s continuation of my horrible abuse of perfectly innocent organza. 

(Courtesan Invasion photo courtesy of Majikboxman.com.)

I have also put up a new tab called “About Me and The WP.”  It is a little bit of history of my personal costuming experience and info on my costuming/sewing group of crazy friends, “The Wench Posse.”  

A quote from our 2010 Yearbook (yes, The WP has a yearbook):

“In the fullness of time that childhood wish morphed into The Wench Posse  – a group of like-minded (or easily bullied) women and one gay man who hang out, eat chocolate and Tator Tots, make costumes, wear those costumes on occasion and in general have a Very Good Time.  Everyone pitches in, even if it’s just moral support, and everyone at least contemplates dressing up.  Not all do it, but they’re thinking about it.  And once we’ve sucked them in, it will be hard to stop.” – The Cheap Chick  

No one could ask for a better group of friends.  I am very lucky.

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