What is that thing?

I have clearly underestimated the amount of time it is going to take me to complete 3 full outfits before Costume Con (the White Queen, my Pink Pirate and my 18th century Robe a la Francaise). 

If you laughed out loud and thought, “WHAT THE?  That is just crazy-talk!” when you read my To Do List, I would not blame you.  However, I Operate Well Under Pressure and I will not be naked at Con.  I may live on some form of refined sugar for the next month, but I WILL be clothed!

So what that means is that Eleonora is getting put on the back-burner till after Con.  At which point I will no longer be trying to figure out how to replicate foil snowflakes and bone 18th century stays and what exactly constitutes “Pirate hair.” 

These are the things that are currently occupying my mind.

HOWEVER.  Margo and I are rather stumped about something.  Namely, this:

Ok, Smart Guy, I know it is a sleeve.  My question (and Margo’s) is what is at the TOP of the sleeve?  In Moda a Firenze puffed sleeves and such are called baragoni (or brodoni).  However, we are not sure that that is a sleeve puff or just an extension of the panes on the sleeve. 

I am inclined to think it is an extension of the panes that is somehow rolled.  The Lovely Bettina has what look to be rolled paned sleeves in her Realm of Venus showcase, and her gown is based after Eleonora’s funeral gown.

Margo thinks that it is a separate puff.  Her thoughts:  “I don’t think the upper sleeve is paned. Look at the portrait, at her left arm.  The gold and silver twisted cords on the “puff” , especially the uppermost one, don’t line up with the ones edging the panes below.  They are looped around the buttons, over the puff. I don’t think it’s gathered at the lower edge, there are no obvious gathers painted in, hence my feeling that it’s a shaped piece.  The sharp peaked edge of the shape also suggests the crescent shape.”

I could be persuaded either way.  In the second portrait of Eleonora (where she is all by herself) the sleeves look more like rolled panes to me, although they seem more crescent shaped in the first portrait.

What say you?  Panes only?  Separate puff?

8 thoughts on “What is that thing?

  1. Artemisia says:

    *pulls out her copy of Moda a Firenze*

    I think it is a continuation of the sleeve. The sleeves, to me, look like they are split all the way up. The splits look like they are close together or sewn shut at the top. There are two rows of cords and the “pouf” seems hollow at places.

    It’s the effect you would get if you were to push your long sleeves up your arm.
    Here’s a pic with my notes: http://i52.tinypic.com/amslcz.jpg

  2. Margo Anderson says:

    And now that I look at the detail of the painting at the end of Moda Firenze, it looks more like Laura’s idea. Wouldn’t you know it, it’s cropped just below the part that looked like a looped cord rather than two piped edges.

    I’m going to make a couple of mockups, and then we’ll see.

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