White Queen, Petticoats and getting my Liesl on

This is the bodice pattern Margo has drafted for me for Eleonora.  Isn’t it great???

I have spent the last several days in a Costume Con sewing frenzy.  Which means Eleonora has been left by the wayside.  I did get some velvet samples and we have a winner!  Which means the velvet has been FINALLY ordered, and all is right with the world.  Even if my budget is edging into negative numbers.

The White Queen has an update on her tab, which is in some ways good and in others epic failure.

I also worked on this today:

We are sixteen going on seventeen….

The Other Laura and I are going with a group of folks to Con and The Sound of Music is our theme.  We all have matching “curtain” fabric and are making dresses according to the child we had chosen.  TOL and I thought it would be funny if we were both Liesl, as we are also both Laura, and we spent all of today getting in touch with our inner Edelweiss.  Personally, I think my black socks take this to new heights of sexiness.

Matching butt bows are for next weekend.

I am currently covered in glittery paint and hoping I can knock out the rest of the roped petticoat tomorrow.  FYI – not all clothesline is the same, and not all clothesline shrinks the same.  The stuff I bought turned into a kind of mush, and is going to be replaced.

Next up after that is a pink leather corset which is going to be part of a very strange pirate costume.   And hopefully I can get back to the camicia as well.  Would be nice to have it ready for embroidery that I can take with me on the plane….

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