So Much Stuff, So Little Space

Hey!  I have had 402 views/visitors since I started this little blog 13 days ago.  How cool is that?  Whoever you all are, welcome!  So nice of you to drop by.

I seem to be suddenly accumulating lots of things for this project (and the White Queen project) and I am running out of space to store it all.  And I thought my sewing space was full BEFORE.

The velvet has been ordered from and I am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival.  Having ordered from them before I feel comfortable with the idea that they will actually have the item in stock. 

I wound up ordering an 100% cotton 44 inch wide velveteen made by Kaufmann, from the Toscana collection in Ivory.  It is a medium weight velvet, and has NO STRETCH.  Hooray!  I can also machine wash it if I feel like it, but once the punch needlework is on it I doubt that will ever happen.  I ordered 8 yards as I crunched the numbers again on the Janet Arnold pattern and should be able to make the outfit happen with 8 yards instead of 10.  

I realize the color is different on each monitor, but this is what it looks like:

It was down to this velveteen and another, and this one had more of a silver/gray cast to it.  The other one was more blue.  I looked at so many velvets and velveteens and the vast majority of the grays had a background tone of either A)blue, B)beige or C)yellow.  It seemed to make better sense to go with an ivory with a gray tone. 

I Googled for coupons for and found a 15% off one that I was able to use.  In addition to the free shipping on orders over $35, I got the velveteen for less than half of what I had purchased the other velvet for.  Woot!  Which gives me more money to buy thread…

Since I was so close to St. Paul yesterday I ran over to Stormcloud Trading Co., which carries an unbelievably great selection of beads.  The ladies there are great and incredibly helpful.  I bought all the beads I used on my beaded sleeves from the Florentine outfit pictured in this post from them. 

We discussed Eleonora’s necklaces and girdle, and they were impressed with the size of her pearled tassel. Luckily I have a rather large amount of leftover freshwater pearls from another project and should be able to replicate the tassel fairly well.  If the pearls are too pale I will likely use coordinating Swarovski pearls to the other pearls on the outfit.

In looking over her two pearl necklaces, I was sure that we would need a really large pearl for the goldish-pearl necklace that hangs over the front of her bodice.  They assured me that the pearls couldn’t be bigger than 10mm due to the proportion of the pearls to her body.  Because the smaller necklace pearls seem smaller in size to the large necklace pearls, we decided that a size 9mm pearl would likely work for that.  The only consistent pearl colors that they had were Swarovski pearls (natural pearls being random in color and size of course) so I purchased two packages of Bright Gold 10mm pearls for the large necklace, and put in an order for one package of Light Gold 9mm pearls for the small necklace (they are a special order item).  The Bright Gold pearls look much darker in the photo than they actually are.

The small necklace appears to be a lighter color than the large necklace, and in some cases a different color from the pearls on the net partlett (in Moda a Firenze nets and partletts are defined by the their length – nets seem to cover the shoulders only, while partletts go farther down into the bodice).  The pearls on the net partlett seem to vary in color, from an ivory to a pale silver to a light gold.  Because it would be rather expensive to buy so many different color pearls for the net partlett and the net coif on the back of her head, I am going with one consistent color, likely the light gold to coordinate with the small necklace.

As for the net partlett and coif themselves, the lovely ladies at Stitchville suggested I use a #12 braid in the Kreinik 202HL color that I am using for the goldwork on the fabric, which seems like a great idea.

I have decided to finally use up the coutil that I purchased with an Elizabethan corset kit several years ago on my corset for this project.  While it would be nice to line the exterior in red velvet in homage to Eleonora, hers were worn mainly for warmth, and I don’t need any additional warm layers here for the summer/fall months, so I am lining the outside in a dark red dupioni silk instead.  The Cheap Chick is coming over this weekend to help with patterning of corsetry and other such fittings, and Margo has my measurement form, so we are a go on patterns.  I have never heard the term “knee depth” before and couldn’t understand why Margo would want to know the depth of my knee from front to back.  Luckily Google was able to help me find a picture with various measurements on it (I’m more of a visual learner) and helped me to realize that “knee depth” was the waist to knee measurement. 

This is what happens when your Grandmother teaches you the basics of sewing and then you kind of wing it from there on out.  You wind up wondering about things like “knee depth” and feeling like an idiot. 

I also got the sequins in the mail that I am using for the White Queen – the smaller ones are going on the bodice and sleeves in place of the rhinestones and the larger ones are going on the bottom of the bodice trim and the apron in place of the star ones. 

I am also going to use this clip art photo as the stamp for my large silver snowflakes on the skirt.  I decided against foil embossing because of the cost of the large amount of foil I would need.  I have a foam circle I am going to cut the gear shape into and then attach it to a small block of wood I have for stamping.  Come Monday it should be sparkly!

I am thinking about making separate pages for these other projects I am working on that are not Eleonora specific.  I would like to keep a record of them in one place, so I think that might be the best option.  Now I just have to figure out how to do it!

Feeling excited about seeing things finally start to progress.  Once the velvet arrives I am going to work on my test punch needle sample and then the REAL fun begins…

2 thoughts on “So Much Stuff, So Little Space

  1. Ettezus says:

    Hey, buddy. This looks like one rockin’ project. Have you checked the LACIS web site for supplies? I am happy to shop there for you and mail you stuff. Just let me know.
    Yes, I used to work there. No I don’t get a discount but they have a Whole Warehouse. Just sayin’. And you don’t need anymore fake fur do you? I hit the jackpot at the Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale again!
    If I could go bowling with you, you can bet I’d go. It’s just a bit of a drive, you know?

  2. Suzette Lalime Davidson says:

    This looks great, L. Let me know if you see any supplies on the LACIS web site and I can go to the shop and purchase them and ship ’em to ya. I know part of the thrill of the chase is, well, going to stores. But if I can help, let me know. Also, do you need any more fake fur? I got some at the Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale and have had fantastic luck at the East Bay Depot for Creative Re-Use. Let me know.

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