Pictures? What pictures?

Apparently the pictures I am posting here are not showing up for some reason, and I think it is a security issue.  My computer tech (also known as El Jefe, also known as My Husband) is going to fix it for me when he gets home. 

Sheesh.  Technology.

UPDATE:  So, it would appear that if the website loads as  (note the S in the http there) it will not let you see the photos unless you choose to not receive the “secure” site.  You have to use this address:

I find the whole thing a little odd considering I am uploading the photos to WordPress where they are being stored, and which is a secure site.  Ah well.  I’m not a techie.

UPDATE AGAIN:  For some reason the S is not showing up at the end of the http on this post, even though I can see it right now on the draft.  Sigh.  Just type the URL in without an S and all will be well. 

I am going to go eat some cake balls and relax.  I advise you to do the same.

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