Still waiting and suffering from CADD

The fabric has not yet arrived, but according to UPS it is due to arrive tomorrow.  I anticipate much squealing in excitement and shock at how heavy 10 yards of velvet really is.

I have also been a bit side-tracked today due to finalizing my costumes for Costume Con (woo!).  Apparently I am suffering from CADD (Costume Attention Deficit Disorder).  I am not sure who came up with the acronym, but it is an excellent one!  The sugar from the gluten free cake balls my sister made and the gluten free Pop-tarts (I haven’t had one in YEARS) that my friend J.L. made is just making the whole thing worse.  The let down tomorrow will be painful, I think.

Today I have been focusing on this costume, which is completely unrelated to anything Italian: 

Generally costumes don’t scare me in terms of complexity, etc., but I admit to being highly nervous about embossing foil on organza.  And thanks to The Seamstress of Avalon I now know what several of the trims and designs are made of.  Thank you!!

This weekend I am going off to Stitchville USA to procure new punch needle tools and to start sourcing thread for Eleonora’s dress.  Hopefully on Monday I will at least have a sample started to see how this is going to go. 

I just have to remember to keep the cake balls off the fabric…

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