Dear Janet Arnold…

I will not be using your pattern for Eleonora’s gown, as accurate as it may be.  You see, I am not the same size as Eleonora, and while I have previously drafted up your patterns, I would rather not have to if I didn’t need to.

Luckily for me the lovely Margo Anderson has offered to draft a pattern to my measurements out of the kindness of her heart (there was no crying involved on my part whatsoever), and when someone with that much experience offers you help, you take it.  Margo also makes the best patterns I have ever used for Elizabethan and Tudor garments.  I was a big fan of hers long before I became a friend. 

I will be using your detailed construction information, because you are the Oracle of Costuming.  I wish someone would find one of your unpublished manuscripts under a bed or in a safe or hidden in a desk somewhere. 

With appreciation –


2 thoughts on “Dear Janet Arnold…

  1. Kimiko says:

    Oh, there is indeed more. How much more, I’ve no idea, but Jenny T. mentioned in PoF4 that Janet took a lot of notes and hopefully more of it will come out.

    • Laura says:

      This is what happens when I get a book during a busy season and only get a chance to look at the pictures and drool. Thanks for the FYI! Very excited.

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